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Bumper Weekend

I've got a monster weekend coming up.

Bracketed around my elder sisters wedding in the Wairarapa is Windy Lindy, the big Wellington lindy hop showdown for the year.

Friday day I work and buy wedding gifts. Friday night I'm doing sound and dancing. Saturday is big sisters wedding which will I'll enjoy until I get back around 6pm.

That is when the Saturday night dancing starts, for which I am also providing sound.

At the ball I'll be competing in the open choreographed section to a song by Koop called Koop Island Blues. The song is very lush, but we have made a trimmed version that is a bit tighter. We have good choreography, but aren't very good at dancing it in new environments yet. Much practice still to do. (click here to listen/ watch the video)

Late late late on Saturday night there will be late late late blues dancing at my place with whomever i can drag from the ball.

All blog readers here welcome to join me on the Saturday night/ Sunday morning, from midnight at my place. It will be very dark and there will be people dancing very close in the lounge.

Sunday there is a morning lesson, which I expect I'll skip, a lunch I hope to also sleep through followed by dancing under the sails, weather permitting, at 2pm at Queens Warf.

Monday I need to sort out my tax bits and bobs for last FYE and pack for 2 weeks of vaguely wedding related shenanigans in Thailand.

See you on the flipside.