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2009 Redux

You've been patient with my lack of blogging. I said about a hear ago I was going to do less blogging and more living; here is what I've been up to.

Had a good but very stressful year at work, for the most part. Delivered a particularly tricky release with five system integration points to three systems, with a fourth middle-ware system in front of two of them. Getting that in on time was difficult.

There are always things to be healthily afraid of in software development, but I'm at a point where I've done most of those things that relate to the web software.

I started off the year heartbroken over somebody I'll never see again. I did get over that thankfully.

I was 0 from 5 for dating that I wanted to go somewhere but didn't. A great deal of other less meaningful flirting activity too. I was a difficult match this year.

Completed a relaxation and deep tissue massage course. Pretty fun, chewed up almost all of my winter, or felt like it did. It was 67 hours of class time and about 20 hours of homework, all in weekends and evenings.

I'll get a certificate for it in the new year.

Didn't do much running this year, no events! All the running stuff this year clashed.

I did a ton of dancing this year, apparently in lue of running. A bunch of dancing weekends. Each of these contained more than 20 hours of super fun dancing.
- Art Deco weekend in Feb in Napier
- ANZAC weekend in Christchurch
- Camp NZX09 in Auckland
- Big Band Festival in Christchurch
- Windy Lindy in Welly

Also I had three TV appearances, all with other couples
- ANZAC day Good Morning Show, dancing to the Beat Girls singing Boogy Woogy Bugle Boy
- TV3 Telethon 2009, dancing to the Rodger Fox Jazz Band
- Good Morning Show end of year special show, we opened the show dancing to Sing Sing Sing.

Also won the Showcase competition at Windy Lindy.

Made it to Thailand for a couple of weeks.

No netball but a little Ultimate, a sport in which I don't know how to throw!

House Renovation
Got box corners put on the house. Much tricky scribing for the builder to do, a once every 30 years kind of activity.


For mr_storysmith and the alligator, here is linky to an article about the use of language in menu design. I think we have seen all of this stuff in NZ for some time though.



Thailand was fun. We got suits made for Andrew and Jazz's March wedding, and I got some work cloths and dance clothes too. Jazz got some work things, and Tim got some work things and some play things.

Mostly we hung out in Phuket at Kata beach, and a little at Karon beach.

Fancy Jazz resteraunt called Jazzteraunt. No swing or upbeat Jazz is every played here, and dancing is not encouraged except by private function, which cost something like NZD$5000 for the place.

A view from Kata beach in Phuket. I was on a sun lounger under an umbrella.

Andrews feet getting cleaned by some sort of cleaner fish. This is a ticklish process!

At the big Buddha this artist is making a sculpture of what the final site is meant to look like. At the time we saw it non of the outter wall was complete, but most of the big Buddha in the middle was and the golden thing to the left. Should be very very nice when it is all finished.

In Bangkok I got sick, called in a Doctor for a room visit, to which he prescribed this drugs that I hadn't had before. No side effects or reactions noticable, apart from minor bumps on my forearms
- Cifloxin
- Imodium
- Dramamine

Only saw my hotel room in Bangkok.

Koop Island Blues Routine

Windy Lindy routine notes, as performed.

0 hold (lead faces away from audience, follow facing audience and right from lead some distance in a line)
1 hold
2 hold

phrase 1
3 toe swivels travel towards each other
4 sames and collect lead left to follow left
5 toe swivels 180
6 charleston to tandem
7 sidewalk charleston
8 unsidewalk
9 swingout from cross hand
10 texas tommy into
11 modern chase with stationary kicks, end open
12 she goes he goes travels
13 sailor step entry
14 sailor jigs
15 sailor exit for 8 with the follow right arm turn variation
16 swing out
17 swing out to hang with lead left holding follow right

phrase 2
18 hold 4 counts then sweep to open
19 swingout jump
20 swingout with lead under arm variation
21 high block double turn
22 french 8 count under leads left arm change of place
23 noodle (similar to sailor step entry)
24 noodle and 4 count quick turn
25 swingout outside turn
26 pull through turn
27 8 count turn and sit move
28 'the shane' lead follow behind leads back then to close with hand changea
29 double turn out
30 swing out with cross hand change
31 into blues circle
32 Skye and Frida hops
33 outside turn to close
34 charleston dip

phrase 3
35 hold 4 counts then unwind spin follow into solo
36 follow solo steps
37 follow solo steps
38 follow solo steps
39 half breaks
40 charletston 540
41 charleston with horse step
42 spin and hold and hold hat

phrase 4
43 sideways charleston lead to left follow to right
44 sideways charleston, cross each other to open
45 texas tommy into
46 crossovers
47 crossovers with triples instead of singles
48 uncross to open
49 swingout with outside turn
50 reverse swingout with inside turn
51 she goes he goes traveling to open
52 sugar push turn to close (backs to audience)
53 reverse promenade with outside turn
54 half swingout with push to open
55 reverse jerk
56 swingout with change to areals hold
57 lamp post
58 left hand 'side lean' dip

End of Year Good Morning Routine

The first part of the Lindy routine I am learning goes like this, it is a California variation.
01 Swing out forward from close
02 Hollywood style swingout forward
03 Hollywood style swingout forward
04 007 move, a lindy turn with the lead landing on count 7 and holding, over rotating the follow into a protective position while making a gun with the left hand
05 kick the dog travelling forward
06 6 count turnout to the 10:30 position, kicks instead of tripples
07 6 count change of place to the 4:30 position, kicks instead of tripples
08 6 count lindy circle to close, kicks instead of tripples
09 6 count swing shot with outward right hand and inward knee wiggles on the 5 and 6
10 6 count (3 * 2 count slides) big slides into close, guys start with left foot
11 6 count frog variation, early lift on 3 instead of 5
12 6 count turnout to the 9:00 position, kicks instead of tripples
13 6 count behind the back shoulder roll, guys rock step straight back then step to the right, presenting their back to the path that the follows will travel. Leads keep your arm tucked in a bit to aid the turning.
14 swing out with crouch on 4 and jump on 5.
15 slip slops, do three start by going to the leads right, hold 7 and 8
16 lead Charlestons with a left 90 degree turn, follow does unled rock step kick kick kick in front, both now facing the audience again
17 Tandem Charleston
18 Russian kick
19 Tandem Charleston
20 Easy half circle tandem Charleston exit
Repeat once more.