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A blog of the newly hedonistic d3vo.

Fliters and Experiences

Certain activities are great filters. On Monday I was mountain biking with a coupe of friends from dancing, and we stopped for a few moments.

We were at the intersection of tracks and a bunch of people whizzed this way while cooled off. That spot defined by that activity was a filter that meant all the woman had hot bodies and probably all the men too, if I knew how to figure that out.

This weekend I am heading to my first KiwiBurn with only a rough idea what to expect. The people I have asked about it have not been able to describe the experience. I don't mean that they have not described the experience well, but that they have demurred to describe the experience at all.

In lue of explanation I have received jubilant endorsement of the event. So my guesses about what it might be go like this:

a camping experience; lots of people camping by a lake
for organised people; you have to bring your own everything, including drinking water, only toilets are provided
who like theme camps; there are various theme camps. Ours is called the Illuminati and will feature a large enclosed structure of scaffolding, large PA gear, lots of djs and visuals.
and are hedonists; the dj slots that apparently are 'best' are the ones between 12pm and 6am. These are times for hedonistic people, in my opinion :-)

I expect there will be some nakedness in the lake, plenty of legal and illegal stimulant use and lots of unregulated behaviour that I might find a bit challenging, which is kind of the point.

That said, what kind of people am I likely to meet there, people like me?

2010 Self Improvement

This year I will work on the real.

I will expressing my feelings in real time in real life; this will cause conflict that I will take on the chin.

I am naturally an introvert, a-scoial, not great at empathy off the cuff. These are defensive mechanisms that are getting in the way of what I want.

My emotions are polarising and blunt. I will use them a lot more in order to work out the rough edges.

Attending Events for 2010

I've got a bunch of fun things for this year. I'm writing them down here so that you can attend and enjoy these things with me, and as calendaring work.

KiwiBurn |
Jan 29th to Feb 1st
I'll attend this well recommended event with my three friends who are going. I'm lending some DJ gear and doing a little DJing as well.

My expectations are that this will be an electronica event crossed with a hippy festival. Who knows?

Round the Bays | Feb 21st of Feb
Can't do this, it clashes with Art Deco weekend. Sorry running buddies!

Art Deco Napier Weekend | Feb 19th to 21st
I can't describe easily how much I enjoy this weekend. It is full little moments of wonder and magic, as we dance and frollic, eat, show, dress up a lot, drink a little, catch up and make new friends.

I'm wondering which spirit should be imbibed straight in order to encourage frank discussion about 'dancing crushes', a difficult and fraught topic.

Helen and Josh get married | Feb 27th
I'm alumni with Hels and met Josh on the Unisys Grad program a long time ago, where Hels met Josh also.

Most of the grads from that time, and a few from later, will be at this large wedding. Will be fab.

Andrew and Jazz get married | March 6th
I get to be groomsman and wedding dance tutor. We got the suits made in Thailand recently.

Mount Lowry Challenge | March 28th
My favourite running event that luckily this year does not clash with either a wedding or dancing things. Overheating is a serious consideration in this event. The move from Feb to March will help.

This will be my 5th time doing this event. That qualifies me for a special medal.

ANZAC Weekend Dancing | speculated as 25th April
Will there be more ANZAC weekend dancing in Christchurch this year? I hope so but I don't know if the date has been gazumped by a bigger event.

The Food Show Wellington 2010 | May 14th to 16
I keep missing this, but I would really like to go. If you go on the Friday, that is the least busy day, so I will go then.

Camp NZX10 | 18th June
There will be a fabulous lindy camp in Auckland again, probably just a bit bigger than last year. There will be great costumes, dancing crushes, dashing to and from airports and no observable consumption of alcohol.

I'll be a deleriuosly happy sleep deprived monkey by monday morning, again :)

Harbour City Half Marathon | June 27th
I didn't do a half marathon last year. This means I didn't do many long endurance runs that make your heart bigger and teach your body to directly metabolise fat and live longer. I'll do this event this year mostly for those reasons.

Windy Lindy | speculated late August
I want to defend my title as Showcase champion. Whether this is with or against my the partner that I won it with is yet to be decided!

Big Band Festival in Christchurch | speculated as Labour Weekend, 25th October
I really this event, lots of classy people, classy accomodation and a good group of people who don't want to go to bed early when they are on holiday.

No Announced Date
Barista Afernoon
There are lots of barista courses that you can do with friends. I'm considering doing the Mojo course, although I haven't explored options for others. Perhaps if Ripe do one, that would be good, but I think what I really want to do is a Fuel course because they seem to have the most consistently trained baristas.

No Announced Date
Cocktail Afternoon
There are cocktails afternoons that you can do. The Southern Cross run them, but other places might do so. I think if Motel or Hawthorn do one then I'd be keen for that too.

No Announced Date
Andrews S. Away Weekend
Andrew S is having an away weekend, with a Lindy focus, at I think Riversdale or Castle point. Heavily amplified good times!