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Melbourne Things

Sunday, fly in really late.
Monday night, meet Sean
Tuesday night, meet Oli
Wednesday night, classes with Emmylou
Thursday night, ??
Friday night, lindy
Saturday, Melbourne Swing Festival
Sunday night, Melbourne Swing Festival
Monday get to airport by 7am.


Had great fun djing at Gangbusters at Watusi. Danced like crazy with Francis to Kansas City Riffs, had a great dance with Amy late in the night, had fun stealing to Minor Swing and danced manically with Emmylou to E Flat Boogie.

I have tired abs today.

Djing at Gangbusters on Friday


I'm DJing at Gangbusters, the next of our bi-monthly lindy hop takeover of The Watisu in Edward St. I'll be on the late shift djing from about 10:30 until probably 1pm, lindy, then slow lindy then blues :-)

Looks like there will be a big turnout at this one, so if you have been curious about my vintage dancing activities then come and take a look, gawkers welcome.

DJing at Speed of Sound

I'm opening the djing at Speed of Sound III with a jazzy, goovy, housy downbeat set*, sqwee! Come hear me play in a club.

* Note there will not be a Rumpus this year, I'm playing here instead.