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Yoga to Try

I've received Yoga recommendations from facebook friends for a slow non-hot class.

Ange: Yoga in Daily Life, on Jessie St. Ace classes. Minimal chanting.

Jase: City fitness in thorndon, they are perfect for what you describe.

L: Yoga Unlimited (on Tory St, opposite Moore Wilson's/Harvey Norman)

I should be able to find some time next week to try one of these :)

French dinner :)


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Android Development

What do I want out of my Android development scratchings?

Public Work
I've got an itch to scratch about my professional work not being in the public eye. It kind of bugs me that so little of my work is flat out hidden, encrypted, password secured and for specialised use.

It would be personallly and professionally gratifying to have a piece of work that is unencumbered by non-disclosure agreements, professional confidentially and restraint of trade clauses.

Internet You Can Touch
Internet you can touch might be the next big thing. With iPhones, Google phones, the iPad etc you have a touch interface.

I'm not sure what it means to have an information tool where you literally touch the information with your fingers to manipulate this. It appears be have very wide appeal.

Internet in Your Pocket
Another aspect is the internet in your pocket aspect. Having a small but usefull internet anywhere windows in your pocket is new and interesting.

Still Mostly Under Control

This week is a juggling act. A tricky aspect is that my dance partner is working nights this week while I'm working days. She is organised and talented however and found us a fab inner city practice hall next to the Wesley hall, right around the corner from my work.

We practiced today during my lunch time so that we could overcome our clashing work schedules. We ran through our routine including the lifts and throws, with my partner in heels!

Work is mildly under control, we did some web server testing today and proved that our web servers won't melt under projected load. This is a good start.

I've half tidied my house before guests start pouring in on Friday. I now have milk, pillow and flower suggestions for the house. Off now to tidy some more :)

idle time; mobile

So im sitting in a cafe, idle time before dance class, i dont have much time energy to help out at the class before mine.

So my google phone has a big enough screen to type idly on, which is nice. not like tyling on a proper keyboard, but two thumbs typing is a mile away from texting on a keypad.

texting will be one of those input methods i can forget. it joins Graffitti which was with a stylus on a palmpilot. it was fast and i could take notes in dark conference halls.

still figuring out the internet in your pocket thing, an update of android will help with that, youll be attracted to cheap android phones at christmss.

we have available the devices from billies first book, just. not yet the critical mass to have what comes next.

i can see people trying to use the internet how i want to use it, but tweets or facebook updates pleading for a coffee now now dont yet work, text message is the king of that request.