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Stephen Fry is Awesome

Stephen Fry talks about language with great sense, language, delivery and animation :)

Frankie Manning

A huge figure in Lindy Hop, this is a heart warming video.

War Games

I've happily and wasted a bunch of time very very engaged in this WarLight, a flash based Axis and Allies type game. Different rules make it a bit trickier. I'm not through all the missions yet, it does a nice job of ramping up.


Can We Date

This is very funny and not a bad rule of thumb either :)

Click to follow and view the big one.

Auckland vs Melbourne

As a Wellingtonian, Auckland kind of feels like a mess.

It does have better sports events for me to participate in, and more Lindy Hop for me to participate in, but it is missing some essential things to make me love it:
- it needs to be denser
- it needs enough public transport that you can do your activities without a car
- it needs to feel easier
- it needs some more streets that cars aren't allowed down in the central city

Oddly, it seems like I'm in agreement with John Key, see this stuff article.

Fixing Auckland is a key cultural and economic concern for NZ in my opinion. We need to make Auckland like a smaller Sydney.

With Wellington, Melbourne people say that the feel like Wellington is a mini-Melbourne, and Auckland needs working on until Sydney people say the same thing about Auckland.

Except for the biggotry, racism and lack of egalatarianism that NZers feel about Australians when they go to Australia. Also would prefer better coffee.

I guess we have started by electing one big council. This seems inevitable in order to sort things out. I also hear promising things about new trains which is also essential.

The next thing is that we need to borrow a stupendious amout of money on an 80 year lone to build some long term rail infrastructure. This is what London has been doing for 150 years, it does work mightily but you have to stick at it.

Borrowing billions for city infrastructure doesn't feel very kiwi, but kiwi's prefer big Australian cities to their own, so I guess we are a little scared of being great?

A Map of the Internet

A cultural and popularity map of the internet by xkcd is here. Great viewing.

Startup Stuff

A good link of both positive and negative startup stories, really frank and great reading for me.

25 Best Startup Post Mortems

Primer, must see

I keep running into cultural references for the move Primer, like this one from XKCD about movie narrative charts. Must buy, must view, I'm missing some essential geek here.