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Mirrors Edge


Mirrors Edge is a great but greatly floored game featuring free running. Kind of like Tombraider without any old stuff, your do running, jumping and vaulting around cityspaces and inside big buildings.

Check it:

The game managed to get me to feel things I haven't felt before in a game; a little vertigo, the feeling of being cramped, a sense of free running across building tops. First person cutscene hugs with your in game sister, that was a first.

The music and visual appeal of the game are a great draw, and the running mechanics are pretty fun. After playing the game you can do time trials on parts of it.

You pretty much have to shoot people. It says you don't have to do this but it I found some levels too hard without resorting to guns. I got through about 2/3 rds o the game without shooting people though.

Totally worth playing if you can mostly ignore the poorly written story; these guys needed a proper storysmith. Rumours exist of a follow up game.

I'm off to hunt down the excellent soundtrack from the internet, also a first.

[game purchased digitally and downloaded using Steam, in a holiday say for about $10.]
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I finished season 6 of Lost recently; I liked it a lot. It was consistent in its own genre jumping way and asked lots of valid questions about identity and reason. If you got transplanted to a jungle, what would be important in your existance?

Lost is a crazy ride. It appears that the writers drive off a cliff with crazy ideas somewhere in season 2 then continue into accelerating freefall all the way up to the end of season 5. As mad and rediculous as it all is a great deal of sense and 'placement' is created in season 6 which pretty much flies a straight course.

There is plenty of clever stuff across the seasons. Seasons one, two and three have flashbacks to fill in character backstory, which is about creating more story threads. Season four and five have flashforwards, which kind of borrow against the present to create tension in the future. Season 6 has flashes 'sideways' which gets you trying to figure out what is real and why.

The crazy numbers get explained, as does the whole deal with the island, Richards longevity, the nature of the smoke monster and host of other pleasing details.

I think Lost ended with a sort of two way duality ending, where the plane both did and didn't crash, with a post life afterlife meetup of the main characters.

I liked the acting and the long mornful looks of lost love and love never to be. For me they are the trademark of Lost, a long and perpetuating note in the score of the story.