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Disfunctional European Union

This is funny because it is accurate. It is not clear exactly what the European union is going to look like in a couple of years time.

Sore Feet Happy Mind

On a bus with two sore feet and one happy mind.
Tuesday night dancing was big and people are starting to get it, that dancing is about social dancing and not classes for their own sake.

I'm steadily extracting myself from my contract in Manila, about a week of post contract support to go, i'll be pretty happy when it is over.

With my spare time I'm hacking up ideas that been in
idling in brain, which makes me happy too!

Contract Completion

Ok, I've just about extracted myself from the end of my contract to Manila. The work has almost entirely taken over my life for the last 9.5 weeks. Ahh, day rates.

I was so happy when I got off the phone to the guy who is taking over from me that I clapped to myself for about ten seconds solid. I've got a half hour tonight and an hour tomorrow of email work, then up to 14 hours of phone and email support over the next two weeks and then I'm done.

It was a rough engagement hard deadlines, and lots of undescovered scope. I was working by myself for much of the time. The company wanted me to avoid taking weekdays as travel so I travelled in weekends and worked all the week days.

There was a lot of undiscovered scope which was hard to manage and make me look bad. I was building software from screenshots and sparse documentation and 55,000 lines of source code which means that you get it wrong and have to fix it in a hurry.

It was lonely being in Manila for 4 weeks. I saw my sister for a day and a half in the middle which helped a lot, but 4 weeks is a while to be away from all your friends in person.

So I get my life back tomorrow, surfacing after about a fifth of a year. People have had babies, I should meet them!