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I finished Pushing Ice by Alastair Renolds on Thusday night on the couch. A good read with great use of lots of real physics and plenty of long term end point thinking.

Finishing at 9pm, I wanted another book to read so I went out and got one.

I'm a fast chooser and it only took me ten minutes to buy one including
-lacing my shoes
-getting to the book store
-by foot
-and getting home again

It is handy living 100 metres from a late night book store :)

Translations from MEL to WLG

Some translations of words.

Pint -> a UK sized pint glass of about 560 ml.
Pot -> a much smaller glass
Thong -> jandal
Chewy -> chewing gum
Dink -> to double someone on a bicycle
Blowy -> a blowfly or a blowjob.
Wristy -> a wrist job
Old mate -> used a placeholder when you've forgotten somebodies name, or when you don't want to mention them by name
Parma -> a dish served at pubs that might once have been related to the Italian dish chicken parmiagani, a creamy pasta dish flavoured with taragon, but is now crumbed deep fried chicken with tomatoe relish and cheese served with fries.
Swimmers -> togs
Runners -> running shoes
000 -> 111
sidy -> city
cd -> city
hache t m l -> html
vanilla slice -> custard square