3D Printer Metal Fixing

So I'm making a sort of Prusa MK2 / MK3 clone-ish thing, not exactly a clone, but very close to a clone. So I need a bunch of nuts a bolts and things from a nuts and bolts hardware store. There is Bunnings everywhere across the Australian state of Victoria, sprouting up ahead of developments everywhere like some sort of weed, in empty recently rezoned farmland at a train line extension waiting for suburbia to catch up. I can go to Bunnings.

Also there is a competitor to Bunnings that may carry better quality stock that I'm patriotically disposed to, Mitre Ten, but basically it will be the same as Bunnings, a home improvement store/ light building supplies store.

Better yet it appears is a proper commercial nuts and bolts retailer, that has a good online store, not fast, but actually otherwise good, and a great deal of stock listed on line. I can buy nuts by the piece, not by the pack. So I'm probably going to do that and I'll save money vs Bunnings even including shipping, which is a modest $13.50, better than a 1 hour drive each way.

So I've found a new untried favourite vendor, bolt.com.au.

Now I have to do the slightly boring part of actually figuring out my order. I need some MK2 parts and some MK3S parts. So I'll need to go through the online Prusa MK2 and MK3S relevant sections to note down all the nuts and bolts I need, and then to make an order.

The Prusa MK2 instructions for the Y axis/ base are here. The Prusa MK3S instructions for the X, Z and E (extruder) axis are here.

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