Hosting from home with Cloudflare Argo Tunnel

Back in the early 2000s days you could host a website from home using a static IP address.  You sort of still can but with the expectation of the Chrome browser to host sites under SSL certificates, this isn't quite as easy as it used to be.  Also in 2021 the ability to get a static IP address from your internet provider might also be limited.

You can host in the cloud of course, but many of the offerings still don't supply SSL fronted hosting and you'll probably pay $8/ month.  This is sort of fine but actually not that cheap.

Cloudflare has a useful product I will look into at some point that solves the SSL fronting problem and the static IP address problem and lets you host from home.  If you have a media PC, raspberry PI or other computer that is on most of the time, this might reduce your overall power usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Cloudflare Argo tunnel product page is here.

However, the cost isn't great. At $5 USD per domain per month for the lowest tier at less than 1GB of traffic, this is a pretty cost neutral service for a small website instead of a saving.  I would prefer it also had a lower tier for $2 per domain or something for less traffic.

There is some sort of free teir, but I'm not sure how to figure out the details.

This collection of alternates sort is interesting.


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